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Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership Study ǀ March 2018

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Management and leadership in public services (French only) ǀ May 2017

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Leadership revolution (French only) ǀ 2015

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Diversity, Inclusion & Leadership ǀ H. JEMEL, M. DELANGHE and G. HOURIET ǀ EDHEC 2018 (Subtitled in English)

Diversity, Inclusion & Leadership ǀ Animated infographics ǀ EDHEC 2018 (French only)

Men, Women, Leadership, user manual ǀ V. PETIT and S. SAINT-MICHEL ǀ Xerfi 2016 (French only)

What is leadership? ǀ V. PETIT ǀ EDHEC 2015 (French only)

Build an inclusive leadership ǀ V. PETIT ǀ TEDx 2014 (French only)

Develop your charisma ǀ V. PETIT ǀ HR Speaks 2014 (French only)